Mother, should I trust the government?



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According to the 2016 Edelman Trust Barometer, half the world population distrusts government. Distrust is a rational response of people to a global economy that is working for the few and not working for the majority. When political power is captured by the wealthy, the masses will distrust government. The impunity of corruption is a “big factor” in citizens’ distrust of them. In many places, “corruption is very transparent and the people see.

In democratic systems, this deep distrust of government is corrosive. For democracies to function properly, the German journalist Henrik Müller recently wrote, there must be “enough common values that [people] trust their institutions, that majorities and minorities respect one another, and that everyone generally deals fairly with one another.”

But how, given current conditions favoring the crooks and oligarchs over marhaen? Mom, do you have an answer?

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