Princess Leia Organa

Who Is the Galaxy’s Best Dressed

The Star Wars saga covers a huge cross section of the beings of the galaxy, from those in the upper strata of society, the nobility and political elites, all the way to the folks scraping by on the bottom, and nearly all these people wear clothes that tell their story. From scavengers and farmers dressed in simple homemade clothes of reused and mended material to the luxurious outfits a queen might wear for a single occasion and the significance (or cost) of a single ornament might be discussed across star systems, garments help mark one’s place in the galaxy. But when it comes to best dressed in the galaxy, there’s really only one person that deserves the title. Or two.

star wars stormtrooper

How Star Wars Changed the Way We Dress

In the nearly four decades since George Lucas unleashed the universe of Star Wars on the world, Darth Vader masks and Princess Leia donut buns have been Halloween-costume fixtures, and Star Wars logo T-shirts have become ubiquitous. Nerd-punk sister duo Rodarte even emblazoned much of their Fall 2014 collection with screen prints of Yoda, Han Solo, and the film’s chilling space-scapes, and the latest film was celebrated with a special collaboration of designs, called Force 4 Fashion, ranging from the literal (Ovadia & Son’s stormtrooper robe) to the more nuanced (Diane Von Furstenberg’s Rey-inspired guipure lace gown).

psycho shower scene

78/52: The Making of the “Psycho” Shower Scene

It’s the most iconic sequence in the history of horror movies—maybe in the history of movies, period. A beautiful woman on the lam with a small stolen fortune in her handbag checks into an empty motel run by a creepy proprietor with a sweet tooth for taxidermy and candy corn. While taking a shower—naked, vulnerable, and trying to wash away her sins—she’s slashed to death. In 1960 this was a shocking, sexually charged symphony of taboo-smashing terror. And thanks to the artistry of Alfred Hitchcock, it remains one today.

Jon Snow, Ygritte, Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones: Jon Snow & Ygritte Getting Married In Real Life

Fans of Game of Thrones will know that a wedding in the hit show’s fantasy world does not always ends well. So the announcement that two of the HBO series’ stars, Kit Harington and Rose Leslie, are to marry will be received with hopes for a white wedding rather than the infamous red one from the series.

The couple, who announced their engagement in the Times newspaper on Wednesday, play on-screen lovers in Game of Thrones—the brooding bastard Jon Snow and Ygritte, the rebellious, headstrong “wildling”.