We started NONSENSE as a modest merchandise store for KawahBuku.com in October 2017. This store mainly focus on creating merchandises like graphic t-shirts inspired from various sources, essentially books and pop-culture such films and tv-series.

We believe, our store direction in future, predominantly, will be all about fashion. Even though NONSENSE may still maintain in merchandise niche, fashion will be our métier.

We’d believe too, fashion is one of the way to enunciate political statement, such PRIDE movement, racial issues, immigrant, gender inequality and many more. It is seems really seldom independent t-shirt stores favor this course. There are some, and they are legit awesome. We were inspired by their works and intently to follow suit with a few tweaks on business model. Thus, our t-shirts aspire to occupy this void, especially in Malaysia.

Our store operation now fully established through online e-commerce platform—our website—using WordPress and WooCommerce service.

In the Blog section, fundamentally we keeps all interesting articles around Internet regarding fashion with relations to philosophy, politics, culture, ethics and technology. We try to curate our contents based on the discourses that we believe are essential in future’s fashion world.

In the Shop section, this is where our store operates. Here, you could find everything that we sells on our website. As aforementioned, we made a few tweaks on the way we communicate our products to customers.

At first, if you noticed, we ask customers to pre-order our shirts and given specific date for them to expecting the delivery started. This model , inspired by the story of Misha Nonoo, will stop us from producing inventory first and sell it second, just like any other conventional fashion store. Everything we sell, is based on-demand, by only making an item after customer has placed an order.

This business, predominantly are entitled as fast-fashion. Yes, we acknowledge that. As you might already have certain ideas on this issue—fast fashion are amounted to criticisms on environmental pollutions, child labour, poor working conditions in developing countries, underpaid factory workers and many more; we want to assure our customers that we give our best to not be part on contributing to those problems by selecting non-compromised garments/fabrics manufacturer.

In this pressing issue, we sought to follow principles and values exemplified by Dov Charney (yes, we are well aware his history on sexual misconducts) when he led American Apparel, and now Los Angeles Apparel, which are his commitment towards environment, living wages, workers welfare, and creating jobs for communities.

We believe, NONSENSE in foreseeable future are in much needed to sought all these principles in order to advance the interests of our customers, our workers, our shareholders, the community, and the world.

There are also some other interesting ideas, we believe, we would like to embrace in next future, after our store gaining more traffic.

To be continued…