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The Philosophy of Fashion

Just as there are many various modes of philosophical thought, so too the philosophy of fashion can vary. However, in its essence, the philosophy of fashion boils down to this: A way of expressing an inner truth or belief about an idea, oneself or the world through the medium of clothing.

It is believed that all aspects of a garment can speak to a person’s philosophy; from the colors chosen, the textures, the drape and flow, the cut and style, and so many other details can subliminally or very overtly point to something deep within that wishes to be expressed. This is why clothing has such importance or significance.

When we look at a person, especially in places that are conducive to people studying like airports and coffee shops, if you look closely, you can trace back whether a person put any thought and care into what they put on, or if they are meticulous in their presentation. Are their clothes wrinkled, or well ironed? Are they disheveled? Are their clothes loud colors, or quiet hues? So much detail is there, so much story and expression!

People who approach their clothing fashion from this philosophical background is admirable, because then the choices that come to for their garments are intentional, they have a veiled meaning and a significance that gives them a feeling of validation knowing that the garment that they wear will express a truth about themselves.

There are so many fascinating tangents we can cover on this topic, but for now mull this over, and think about what you wear and how it reflects (or doesn’t reflect) the person that you are, and what that tells the world about you.

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